Together We Heal

Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse. We are here to provide a safe forum for survivors of abuse to share, learn and heal, give direction to those seeking guidance and to expose sexual predators for what they are and their methods of getting into our lives.

Board / Consultants

Board Members:

David PittmanExecutive Director ~ email:
David is the Executive Director of Together We Heal, whose purpose is to provide guidance for those who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. It works to educate the public through public speaking, collaborates with other groups to raise awareness and expose sexual predators methods.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, he understands the importance of informing parents on how to better protect their children and help survivors begin the healing process.

David spent years on a healing journey that continues to this very day. This led him to seek out groups specifically for men as well as those who had been through a similar trauma and ultimately inspired the foundation of Together We Heal. TWH now works with therapists, counselors and groups aiding both men and women in their efforts to heal, grow and thrive.

Dave is also the South Florida Media Liaison for SNAP, (Survivors Network for Those Abused By Priests). Working in a joint effort, SNAP and TWH strives to educate parishes about sexual predators in their midst.

As Dave began his healing journey, he saw a need for counseling to those that could not afford it or had no access to insurance. Based on this need, he began recruiting therapists, counselors and coaches who would either donate their time.

In 2015, David was asked by Boz Tchividjian, founder of GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to become part of the GRACE Speakers Bureau and also be a part of their Child Safeguarding Certification team. The mission of GRACE is to empower the Christian community through education and training to recognize, prevent, and respond to child abuse. David represents TWH & GRACE all across the country as a public speaker and instructor, teaching churches, schools and families how to talk with their kids about sexual abuse and how to better identify sexual predators and their grooming methods.

David is now a member of The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Working together, we can truly heal.







Stephen R. SkinnerVice Chairman ~ email:
skinnerA native of Tucker, Georgia and graduate of Georgia State University.  Stephen serves as the vice chairman of TWH. He has been friends with our Executive Director, David, since they were 9 years old and he’s been a supportive friend through David’s entire life struggle with CSA every step of the way. Currently working as the Printing Manager at Gwinnett County Public Schools.  Stephen and his wife, Margaret, live in Dacula, Georgia.  They have 4 children, Andy, Ty, Jessica and Issac.  Stephen serves as an usher at 12Stone church.

Linda Fox PittmanTreasurer ~ email:
Linda-18As a survivor of CSA, Linda understands the need for her fellow survivors to find comfort in knowing they are not alone and guidance through the process of healing. It’s based on this experience she came to work with TWH and offered to volunteer her services as a board member serving in the role of Treasurer.

Her professional background is from Education, Insurance and Retail, and is now working full-time as the Counter Manager for Estée Lauder. This experience with children, the public and working with the future welfare of her clients has more than prepared her for her current position.

She is an essential and invaluable member of the TWH family. She works diligently on how TWH can reach more clients, establishes ways to raise funding and helps to connect with partner organizations like GRACE, NAASCA and others that help survivors of CSA. TWH is grateful and honored to have her working with us and being such an active member of the board.


Jeff GraggGraphic Designer
J_GraggJeff first crossed paths with Executive Director, David Pittman, while both were at the same college as roommates, confidants, and students of Communications.  Following graduation in 1993, Mr. Gragg pursued interests in Visual Communications working within the printing industry and as a freelance artist.  In recent years, Jeff crossed paths again with Mr. Pittman and learned of his newly established organization “Together We Heal”.  As the group was in the early stages of development, Jeff volunteered to help create an identity for the group with its logo design.  The vision for the logo Jeff conveys is evidence of his passion for details.

“In the thought process of developing some ideas for the logo, I thought about dolphins and water as healing symbols.  The friendly, nurturing, and protective nature of dolphins just seems appropriate as a reflection of the organization.  The circle of the sun, or moon, in the background represents completeness or wholeness as comes with the healing process.  Since moving forward with the logo concept, the circle now seems to be an inclusive representation of the entire world, a world full of healing needs, because of this organization’s global outreach.”

Michelle Lea Anthony HopperWeb Designer/Consultant
M_HopperMichelle is the owner of Lens & Lines Studio, as well as, Lighthouse Business & Risk Solutions.  She has volunteered her 20 plus years of visual arts and business experience to Together We Heal.  She has known our Executive Director, David, since college where she received a Bachelors of Business Administration.  Over the years, she too has been on her own healing & self discovery journey.  She is a child of a CSA survivor and can personally attest to the effects CSA has on others in your life.  Her desire is to see those who have been abused receive help to begin the healing process and end the cycle of abuse of any kind.

Peppy Bennett, LL.M.CPS Legal Consultant
Peppy attended St. Thomas University School of Law and Nova Southeastern Masters in Criminal Justice Administration.  She is employed with The State of Florida.  At current, she advocates for adjudicated dependent minors in court and specifically those who are victims of domestic sex trafficking. Her post-graduate degrees include a Masters of Laws and a Masters of Human Services, Child Protective Services, she holds several certifications including being a certified Guardian ad Litem, Family Mediator and a certified Legal Professional in Human Trafficking. Assisting survivors of CSA is very important to Peppy because as a professional who, for more than five years, has worked and advocated for victims of abuse and maltreatment, she has watched the systemic breakdown in life and development in many children and their families when they find themselves victims of sexual abuse and because she see the results, she feels she must be part of the healing process.

Jennifer Sloop ReynoldsFundraising Consultant

Angie Frazier Scrivner – Fundraising Consultant
Angie is married for 28 years with two grown children. She lives in Cottondale, Alabama and works full-time for a supplier for The Mercedes-Benz Company. She also has a personal online Boutique-type business called Houndstooth Hunny LLC. She works with Together We Heal with Fundraisers for survivors of CSA.

Rachel GrantTherapist/Consultant
IMG_0112_zpsf935230e-medium-lightRachel is the owner and founder of Rachel Grant Coaching and is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach. She works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are beyond sick and tired of feeling broken, unfixable, and burdened by the past. She helps them let go of the pain of abuse and feel normal. She is also the author of Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse.

Rachel holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She provides a compassionate and challenging approach for her clients while using coaching as opposed to therapeutic models. She is a member of the International Coach Federation & San Francisco Coaches.

Yvonne McCormackPR Consultant
yvonneYvonne is an entrepreneur and has created Talk of the Town PR not only to offer online marketing and public relations but also as a platform to share her own and others stories of hope. She writes articles pertaining to networking, social media, inspiration and the importance of learning from and sharing others stories as well as her own.

Yvonne was born in Philadelphia, spent most of her childhood in Las Vegas, NV and then returned to the east coast after the passing of her mother.  She went into the foster care system as a result of her father’s sexual abuse.  After getting herself emancipated, she attended York College of York, PA and is a staunch advocate for suicide prevention, child sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Talk of the Town PR allows her to shed light on all of these topics and help new businesses and or small businesses get exposure.  Her desire to see others succeed and beat the odds is what drives her.  Prior to Talk of the Town PR, Yvonne ran her own staffing agency after spending most of her career in staffing and sales.

Yvonne is mother of 2 beautiful children and grandmother to Cameron James.  Yvonne and her twin sister are the oldest of 7, they have brothers that are twins as well and 3 others brothers.  She resides in Thornwood NY with her family and pets.  She enjoys reading, writing and spending time with family and friends.

Together We Heal (TWH) and its no-fee mental health counseling services follows a strict confidentiality policy. Your written permission will be required to release information to other parties (i.e. spouse, family members, or outside institutions). In an effort to maintain professional standards, your counselor may discuss specifics of your situation with other mental health professionals as part of TWH consultation to ensure that appropriate services are provided to you.

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